ServicesDebt Management & Counseling Services in Michigan

Take back control of your finances by allowing American Debt Counseling of Michigan to help you stretch your dollar. Contact us at our toll free number 877-243-3280 or at any of locations for our debt management and counseling services that help get your finances under control.


How does American Debt Counseling work?

Once you call in for your free appointment, we provide a budget analysis of your situation, which tells us where you stand and what would be the best program to get you back on your feet. When you decide this is the plan for you, we contact your creditors to set up a payment program that fits your budget. Once you are back on an even keel, we will show you how to take the program over on your own or stay with us until the bills are all paid.


Real EstateHousing Delinquencies & Loan Modifications

When you are behind on your mortgage payments, we have established payment plans with mortgage lenders to bring your account current over time. Another way to update a delinquent mortgage is through a loan modification.

Usually, the mortgage company rewrites the loan, often changing the terms of the loan (i.e. lowering the interest rate, putting all back payments at the end of the loan, and possibly extending the remaining term of the loan).

We also can help you apply for available State and/or Federal housing assistance programs.

savingsReduction in Interest Rate, Late Fees, & Penalties

Let us help you get ahead of all that credit card debt. Most creditors will reduce your rates to a single-digit rate, while stopping late fees. We can also try to re-age the account and bring it current after 1 to 3 payments from the debt management firm.  

Collection Agencies, Judgments, & Garnishments

Many times, we set up a payment for you with the attorneys who are handling your case. The attorney agrees not to garnish wages or bank accounts in exchange for our payment plan.


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